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What is Frozen Shoulder? How can Treat Frozen Shoulder?

Frozen shoulder
One of the most common problem people facing in their middle age is shoulder pain. This is because the shoulder is a complex structure in our body that does a lot for us.

The frozen shoulder medically termed as capsulitis leads to pain and stiffness in your shoulder, Over time your shoulder beacomes very hard to move.

What are the reasons behind frozen shoulder?
The causes of frozen shoulder are not completely understood. Anyway these are some causes behind frozen shoulder.

Over the time the shoulder capsule thickens and leads to formation of adhesions (stiff bands of tissue)
A few elements that may put you at risk for developing frozen shoulder.
  • Age : People between 40 to 60 years old have more chances to happen frozen shoulder.
  • Immobilization : If your shoulder has been immobilized for an intrval of time whether from surgery or injury, you may be at risk.
  • Diabetes : People who have diabetes are more likely to develop frozen shoulder
  • Other diseases : Some diseases associated with frozen shoulder are – hypothyrodism, hyperthyrodism, parkinson's disease and cardiac disease.

What can I do to help my frozen shoulder?

Taking pain killers can definitely reduce your pain, but it doesn't have the capability to resolve the issue completely. However here are some remedies to reduce frozen shoulder and shoulder pain.

1. Gentle movement is a key to improve the symptoms of frozen shoulder, so you need to make sure       that you are stretching and moving regularly.

2. Applying a warm compress to the affected area can help relieving pain also this will increase blood     flow to the area.

3. If you're in the early stages of frozen shoulder bad posture can make it worse.
When you are working on a desk or reading or while watching TV on the sofa, make sure that you     are sitting in a good position

Frozen shoulder usually gets better on its own. But if symptoms persists more than two weeks, see your doctor. 

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