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Knee Pain - Treatments, Tips and Remedies

Knee pain can be arise due to different conditions such as sudden injury or underlying conditions like arthritis. The treatment method may vary according to the  situation. Some symptoms of knee injury involves pain swelling and stiffness.

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If you give more attention in your daily activities you can reduce knee pain. Here are  some tips for you.

  • Losing body weight as little as 5 percent of your weight will help to reduce stress on your knees. So keep a healthy diet and do regular exercise in a right way.
  • Good exercises are walking and swimming for a person who experiences knee pain.
  • Be sure to warm up and cool down after exercising
  • Physical and occupational therapies are good choices for knee pain
  • Resting and relaxation have the same importance as the physical activities. Learn stress relieving techniques like deep breathing and meditation to reduce pain.
  • If you're not getting enough sleep that may be because of arthritis pain, consult your doctor and get a proper pain management to have a healthy sleep.
  • Using ice pack in a safe manner can help to relive pain and stiffness. Also heat can help stiffness.
  • Taking hot shower in morning and warm bath before bed at night also help in pain relief
If you are experiencing severe osteoarthritis symptoms, then please dont continue with conservative treatments, surgery may be the best option, consult an orthopedic specialist and ask about arthroscopic procedure or total knee replacement.

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