Thursday, 16 July 2015

Arthroscopy : An Effective Joint Pain Treatment

What is Arthroscopy ?

Artheroscopy is one of the modern methods for pain relief. Artheroscopy is a surgical Procedure, which allows the surgeon to view the inside of join and can inspect with a micro lens called an arthroscope. One or more micro lenses are used to diagnose and treat the diseased joint. Its equipment includes a small tube that is connected with optical fibers  and lens. The images inside the joints are relayed to the monitor and the doctor can make a diagnosis. More than 1.4 million People are performing the this world wide each year.

Arthroscopic Surgery in India
Arthroscopic Surgery

Benefits of Arthroscopy.

In Normal Surgery The Joint will open Completely and it will take more time to Recover from the surgery. But In Artheroscopy Did not open completely because of that the quick relief will happen.
This reduces the recovery time and increases the success rate. It is mainly used for athletes,
they are frequently injured joints and require quick healing. Artheroscopy will take Less Scaring.
The instruments used in this surgery are so small compared with the normal surgery.
We can watch the joint
part on a video monitor, and doctor can diagnose.Less Pain compared with normal surgery.Lower risk of complications.Pain Free Life After the Treatment. Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery. Negligible blood loss. Less Chance of infection.

Shoulder Arthroscopic Treatment In Delhi
Shoulder Arthroscopic Surgery

Difference Arthroscopic Surgeries

Knee Arthroscopy or KneeReplacement Surgery for Knee Joint pain.
Shoulder Arthroscopy or ShoulderReplacement Surgery for Shoulder Joint pain. 
Hip Arthroscopy or Hip Replacement Surgery for Hip Joint pain.
Wrist Arthroscopy or Wrist Replacement Surgery for Wrist joint pain.
Elbow Arthroscopy or Elbow Replacement Surgery for Elbow joint pain.
Ankle Arthroscopy or Ankle Replacement Surgery for Ankle joint pain.

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