Wednesday, 12 November 2014

When to See a Sports Medicine Doctor?

Injuries that happened during sports activities can affect various body parts some of the common sports injuries are listed here they are knee injuries, strains & sprains, fractures, dislocations, shin splints and compartment syndrome.

Depending upon the injury, the treatment strategies may vary, some kind of injuries can be self treated, if it is more complicated issue then you must go for orthopedic treatments, if you leave it untreated that can make severe orthopedic problems in future.

Shree Meenakshi Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Clinic, a Sports Medicine Clinic in New Delhi with the expertise of Dr. Raju Easwaran (Sports medicine Doctor New Delhi) focuses on treatment of sports injuries and also prevention.

Sports injuries can be categorized in to two they are chronic and acute injuries.
If you met with a fracture or injury at the time of a sports activity that is belonging to acute injury. The symptoms are,
  • sudden severe pain
  • incapability to place a weight
  • swelling, redness & weakness
  • extreme tenderness
  • throbbing sensation
  • a visible dislocation or break
  • limited range of motion

If you can find any of these signs during a sports injury, then you should consult a sports medicine doctor immediately. otherwise start self-treatment as soon as possible.

Chronic injuries can happen as the after effects of overusing certain body parts during a sports activity over a long interval of time.
Signs of chronic injury involves
  • pain when resting
  • constant swelling
  • stiffness of certain area of body that becomes better with movement
  • pain during exercise
In such situations, you may need continued treatment until the problem get resolved completely. The procedure includes chiropractic care, physical therapy, alternative treatments etc.

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