Saturday, 21 January 2017

Solutions For Shoulder Pain

Joint replacement involves surgery to replace the ends of bones in the damaged joint. This surgery will create new joint surfaces. In a shoulder replacement surgery, the doctors will replace the ends of the damaged upper arm bone and the shoulder bone or cover them with artificial surfaces lined with plastic or metal.

What to Expect After Surgery?
Right after the surgery, the patient will be administered with antibiotics and medicines to prevent blood clots. Most of the people go home after one or two days after the surgery. A physiotherapist will help with exercises to move the arm and to keep the shoulder loose.  Rehab will typically continue for up to three weeks after the patient leaves the hospital and will be continued until the patient is able to function more independently and has recovered as much strength, endurance, and mobility in the shoulder.

Why is it done?
Doctors recommend joint replacement surgery only when the shoulder pain and loss of function become severe or when medicines and other treatments no longer relieve the intense pain. The doctor will use X-rays to see whether the bones and cartilage in the shoulder are damaged and to make sure that the pain isn't coming from somewhere else.

How well it works?
Most of the people have experienced lesser pain after a shoulder replacement surgery and are able to do many of their daily activities more easily and comfortably.
  • The shoulder will not move exactly the way it did before having shoulder problems. But, the surgery will allow the patient to do more of the routine activities without pain.
  • After surgery, the patient may be allowed to resume sporting activities such as golfing, riding a bike, swimming, walking for exercise, dancing or any other sports.
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